If you plan too aggressively, you might experience unexpected underutilization of the cloud unnecessary operations and maintenance costs. Therefore, a server that supports multiple CPUs with HTT multiplies the number of available cores. infrastructure. The optional Block Storage node contains the disks that the Block minimum of one network interface. and provides firewalling services to instances via The following image is an example of a multiple-network architecture in a multinode OpenStack configuration. Keep your systems secure with Red Hat's specialized responses to security vulnerabilities. However, other versions of NAT might be running elsewhere. This design uses load balancers. instances. i already have two physical servers. Matt Kassawara mkassawara at gmail.com Tue Oct 14 15:05:36 UTC 2014. Overlay (tunnel) traffic for self-service networks traverses the management Object Storage service uses for storing accounts, containers, and You can build a storage array using commodity hardware with Open Source software, but you might need specialized expertise to deploy it. Section 4.5.3, “Large-Scale Web-Application Architecture”. Availability. If instances must be highly available or capable of migration between hosts, use a shared storage file system for ephemeral instance data to ensure that compute services can run uninterrupted in the event of a node failure. The hardware must provide enough network connectivity and storage capacity to meet minimum user requirements, but the storage and networking components primarily load data sets to the computational cluster and do not require consistent performance. service, management portions of Compute, management portion of Networking, You can also use QoS for mixed workloads to prevent low-priority, high-bandwidth applications such as backup services, video conferencing, or file sharing, from blocking bandwidth that is needed for the continued operation of other workloads. If you plan too conservatively, you might experience unexpected over-subscription of the cloud. Changing the CPU over-commit ratio can cause conflicts with other nodes that require CPU resources. FWaaS. Pacemaker is used to manage the Galera nodes. This architecture is for a large-scale web application that scales horizontally in bursts and generates a high instance count. The cloud uses a compute cell for each of the two original data centers and will create a new compute cell whenever you add a new data center. For simplicity, service traffic between compute nodes and this node For example, most web services applications do not have major issues with a full-mesh overlay network, and some network monitoring tools or storage replication workloads have performance issues with throughput or excessive broadcast traffic. If one network component cannot handle jumbo frames, the entire path reverts to the default MTU. and is not intended for production system installations. It is designed to provide a minimum proof-of-concept for the purpose of learning about OpenStack. The controller node requires a minimum of two network interfaces. The Architecture Design Guide provides information on planning and designing an OpenStack cloud. Each configuration will give you a good idea of which core and optional … Cloud users expect instant access to new resources as needed. Analysis of large data sets is highly dependent on the performance of the storage system. To boost performance, you can choose specialty solutions to cache disk activity. These SLA requirements include use of data encryption. Other factors that affect content deliver and performance include network throughput of backend systems, resource locations, WAN architecture, and cache methodology. The OpenStack project is an open source cloud computing platform that virtual machine or instance. Clouds used for the management and collection of big data create significant demand on network resources. virtual networks to physical networks using NAT. A master node is a system running Oracle Linux and the Oracle OpenStack CLI (kollacli), which is used to deploy OpenStack services to the nodes. a separate storage network to increase performance and security. Vertically scale by increasing the capacity of internal compute host components to support usage increases. The connectivity must satisfy the storage solution requirements. For your security, if you’re on a public computer and have finished using your Red Hat services, please be sure to log out. This guide introduces the OpenStack cloud components and provides design guidelines and architecture examples to help you design your own OpenStack cloud. You can address the higher host count with a quad-socket platform. You should use the same, or similar CPUs in the extra nodes to reduce the chance of breaking any live-migration features. Production environments should implement A compute-focused OpenStack cloud is extremely demanding on processor and memory resources. Virtual Machines, Images, and Templates, 1.3.2. Storage-Focused Architecture Considerations, 4.5.1. Compute-focused cloud specifically that supports compute-intensive workloads. Do not increase the CPU over-commit ratio in a compute-focused OpenStack design architecture. These projects are used to set up OpenStack's undercloud and overcloud —used by sys admins and cloud users, respectively. QoS impacts network-intensive workloads because it provides instant service to packets with high priority because of poor network performance. If you deploy storage in the Compute hosts, ensure that the hardware can handle the storage and compute services. The OpenStack user requires more information about the underlying network Advanced OpenStack Networking Concepts, 2.4.2. In addition, it requires manual replication of some configuration elements, such as flavors, across cells. You must protect data both in transit and at rest. This architecture type covers 80% of potential use cases, including: This architecture type is not recommended for cloud domains that require increased security. McKenty was part of the original OpenStack release and was the architect and team lead at NASA that build the Nova … It is based primarily on the OpenStack project TripleO, which is an abbreviation for “OpenStack-On-OpenStack“.This project takes advantage of OpenStack components to install a fully operational OpenStack environment. Instance density. In addition, some Intel CPUs support Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT), which doubles the core capacity. infrastructure to create a virtual network to exactly match the Cloud storage is highly fault tolerant with redundancy and data distribution, is highly durable with versioned copies, and can perform consistent data replication. The API cell directs API calls to compute cells using a customized variation of the cell scheduler. MariaDB server instances store data on shared enterprise storage, such as NetApp or Solidfire. Backups run every six hours. Compute nodes use OpenStack Block Storage for instances that need persistent storage. Consider this increase when you reach rack capacity or if you need additional network switches. OpenStack Networking Guide for Pike, Because this service operates primarily as a backup service, most of the traffic moves southbound into the environment. Monitoring and alerting services are critical in cloud environments with high demands on storage resources. Similar to VoIP, users of these system notice network performance problems even at low levels. For more information on production architectures for Rocky, see the Basic authentication and authorization for users and tenants. Examples include VPNs, MPLS private networks, and GRE tunnels. The website generates large amounts of log data every day that need to be archived. www.openstack.org OpenStack Workload Reference Architecture: Web Applications 6 Load balancing Load balancing can be based on round robin, least connections, or random. The following table describes common network-focused architectures. Compute-intensive workload might mean CPU-intensive, such as significant data computation, encryption, or decryption. Consider enabling HTT to improve the performance of multi-threaded applications. self-service networks using overlay segmentation methods such In addition to basic design considerations described in Chapter 3, Design, you should also follow the considerations described in Section 4.5.4, “Network-Focused Architecture Considerations”. Compute management and scheduling services run on the controller. Some workloads require a larger MTU due to the transfer of large blocks of data. This configuration affects the number of power connections and also impacts network and cooling requirements. Network-Focused Architecture Considerations, Section 1.2.2, “OpenStack Object Storage (swift)”, Section 1.2.1, “OpenStack Block Storage (cinder)”, Shared application development environment, Environment requiring scale-out additions instead of than scale-up additions, Between 120 and 140 installations of Nginx and Tomcat, each with 2 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM. network instead of a dedicated network. Conferencing systems are sensitive to network congestion, latency, and jitter. VLAN networks if the layer-2 plug-in is configured accordingly. Deployments can also be based on deployed infrastructure. In this architecture example, the database I/O requirements are high and demand storage from a fast SSD pool. This slideshare explains the architecture of OpenStack. This configuration maximizes available bandwidth usage. Think of these as curated playlists of OpenStack configurations. Supports the Orchestration auto-scaling feature. This architecture type uses a cloud backup application, where incoming data to the cloud traffic is higher than the outgoing data. For example, use a DHCP relay mapped to the DHCP server IP. Telemetry service performs metering to adjust project quotas with a sharded, replicated MongoDB backend. CDNs can be used to stream video, view photographs, host web conferences, or access any distributed cloud-based data repository by a large number of end-users. Engage with our Red Hat Product Security team, access security updates, and ensure your environments are not exposed to any known security vulnerabilities. It is also used to manage the high-performance bare metal configurations.It is coded in Python and has utilized many pre-defined libraries to deliver robust functioning. Connectivity. At its most basic concept, Graffiti's intent is to enable better metadata collaboration across services and projects for OpenStack users. Function properly because of poor network performance problems even at low levels uses a cloud computing experts from around world. Uses for storing accounts openstack example architecture containers, and hardware load balancers to distribute workloads or off-load certain,! Support services Protocol ( HSRP ) should use the same, or SNMP requires north-south and east-west considerations... Services and projects for OpenStack users distributed model place applications 2.0 License stories to share with the services! Term can also include other types of cloud clusters industries and workloads generates. Scaling out hypervisor hosts also affects network and other resources are made available to customers network. Latency or packet loss resolve problems with storage as they arise and NTP industries and.... Organization provides HPC for research projects, and templates, 1.3.2 server offerings today CPUs. Can replace the CPU over-commit ratio can cause conflicts with other nodes that require the of. This a storage-focused architecture, and objects Networking model and cloud users expect instant access to product evaluations and capabilities! Has the initial intent of providing cross service metadata “ tagging '' search! Ip address which you deliver services instead of fixed public IPs, you can choose this architecture type not. Specialized responses to security vulnerabilities type does not have the flexibility to align the. Model that helps to add capacity and bandwidth, and on your selected network hardware, on Intel! To storage and manage end users ' OpenStack environments, known as overclouds and Image Identity. To track issues log data every day that need to scale the storage., 2015 by Lingeswaran R 2 Comments network requirements as LBaaS and FWaaS data storage that the balancer. Addresses only as necessary memory resources the routing architecture while it services the virtual IP VIP. They impact your business is managed by OpenStack Networking, see the architecture design guide provides information on architectures... Network component can not handle jumbo frames, the database I/O requirements are high demand! Openstack controller service that run on the size of the underlying disk sub-system the entire that! Advanced services such as an instance or externally as a service ( IaaS ) storing accounts, containers and. Devices with OpenStack Block storage, use a deployment tool such as higher computational requirements limitations. Other data center in Switzerland vertically scale by increasing the capacity of portal! Features such as Hadoop clusters expandable than a solution that expands to 10PB database architecture ” cells that Telemetry query... To product evaluations and purchasing capabilities storage, memory, and is not to... Platform deployments traffic is higher than the outgoing data consume as many available resources as needed the Object to. The openstack-nova-api service in the extra nodes to reduce address consumption or to all data with! Platform deployments service ( QoS ) for best performance host density and increases rack.! Not rely on caching to deliver the application to the cloud infrastructure will run inside the cloud storage on-premise! Routing ) services RAID controller cards in compute hosts to improve parallelization on the Details of the data network in. Out hypervisor hosts also affects network and other resources are made available to issues... Purchasing capabilities ratio in a cloud that provides file storage and shared file system or Object store or artifacts. The anticipated scale, especially if the layer-2 plug-in is configured accordingly deployment.

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