All Acts are listed on the Othello text page, or linked to from the bottom of this page.. ACT 2. Every man can do what pleases him best. Navigation. A Midsummer Night's Dream Brave New World The Book Thief The Catcher in the Rye The Odyssey. Previous Next . Public Domain Literature. Act 5 Scene 2 Synopsis of Act 5 Scene 2. Previous Next . As Cassio shows what a ladies man he is, Iago plots ways to use that against him. Previous Next . 5. 'Othello' Act 5, Scene 2 - Summary Share Flipboard Email Print Desdemona and Othello, by Antonio Muñoz Degrain. Like and Subscribe! Othello Act 5, Scene 1. Hugh Quarshie and Joanna Vanderham explore Act 5 Scene 2 of Othello with the director of the 2015 production at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Iqbal Khan. Login. M.A., Theater Studies, Warwick University; … A street. Cassio, eager to please, has sent some musicians to play, badly, in hopes of winning back Othello's good favor. OTHELLO 1 It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul,— 1. cause: proper ground of legal action, as in the phrase "show cause." Our Hamlet graphic novel makes it easy to understand Hamlet with scene-by-scene illustrations, paired with modern-day translations of Shakespeare’s original text. Summary. Act 2, Scene 1: A Sea-port in Cyprus. When Othello learns about the handkerchief, he decides that Desdemona is cheating on him, and because of that, she has to die. Watch Queue Queue. Othello is a wreck. A bedchamber in the castle. Othello enters, and Iago furthers Othello's suspicions with the aid of various outright lies. - Werke, Theaterstücke, Tragödien, Komödien, Theater, Texte Drop us a comment and show some love!Othello Act 1 Scene 2 Summary done by Nerdstudy. Find a summary of this and each chapter of Othello! Othello Act 3 Scene 2 10. A side-by-side No Fear translation of Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2 Page 3. Register for an account; I forgot my username; I forgot my password; Sign in with your social identity. Iago and Roderigo wait in a darkened street for Cassio to come. He tries to slip off in the darkness, but Roderigo asks him to stay near, in case he needs any help killing Cassio. Othello: Act 4, Scene 3; Othello: Act 5, Scene 2; Follow us on Twitter; Like us on Facebook; Keep me logged in. Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Shakespeare Tragedies Shakespeare's Life and World Studying Comedies Sonnets Best Sellers Classic Literature Plays & Drama Poetry Quotations Short Stories Children's Books By. Othello says he will not ‘shed her blood’ but ‘she must die, else she’ll betray more men’. Scene 2. Othello in modern English: Act 5, Scene 2: Othello stood at the side of the bed and gazed down at the sleeping Desdemona. Act 5, scene 2 Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Othello , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. This video is unavailable. Iago often talks of webs and ensnaring Cassio and Othello. No Fear Shakespeare ; Literature; Other Subjects; Blog; Help; Macbeth William Shakespeare . Cassio arrives and delivers the news of Othello's marriage and praises Desdemona highly. An open place near the quay. Previous Next . Watch Queue Queue His kisses wake her. Act 1, Scene 2. Menu. Act V, scene i: Cyprus. Act 5, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's OTHELLO, with notes, line numbers and search function. Desdemona is asleep on her bed. By William Shakespeare. Othello tells Cassio to keep the party under control. Act 1, Scene 3. (Othello; Desdemona; Emilia; Montano; Gratiano; Iago; Lodovico; Cassio; Officers) Othello enters the bedchamber where Desdemona lies sleeping, considering how it is necessary that she die. Next he notes the single candle he's brought into the bedroom. Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Upgrade to A + Teachers and parents! The next scene brings us to Othello arguing with Desdemona while Emilia watches. By William Shakespeare. Act 2 Scene 1 Montano the Governor of Cyprus and two gentlemen discuss the tempestuous weather which has defeated most of the Turkish fleet. Chapter Summary for William Shakespeare's Othello, act 5 scene 2 summary. A street. Othello Act 3 Scene 1 9. Othello Act 2 Scene 3 8. Othello Act 2, Scene 2. Suggestions Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Read Act 4, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Othello, side-by-side with a translation into Modern English. SCENE 2. We're now back on the streets of Cyprus to hear Othello's herald make a public announcement: in celebration of the Turkish fleet's destruction, Othello has declared that tonight will be a party night in Cyprus. Table of Contents. Scene i: After crossing the sea, Desdemona, Emelia, Cassio, and Iago arrive at Cyprus. Search all of SparkNotes Search. Struggling with distance learning? Act 5, Scene 1. Shakescleare Translation. Act 1, Scene 1. Study Guide NO FEAR Translation Graphic Novel. Act 5, scene 1 Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Othello , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Act 5 Scene 2. He kisses her, almost convincing himself not to kill her, but he steels himself to the task. Act 2, Scene 2. Act 1, Scene 3: A council-chamber. Desdemona arrives and waits for Othello's ship to come into port. - Übersetzung - Wolf Graf von Baudissin. Othello: Act 5, Scene 2 Enter OTHELLO [with a candle] and Desdemona in her bed [asleep]. Introduction; Summary. Act 1, Scene 2: Another street. This page contains the original text of Othello Act 2, Scene 2.Shakespeare’s original Othello text is extremely long, so we’ve split the text into one Scene per page. Iago has given Roderigo a sword. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Othello Act 5, Scene 2. Othello Act 2 Scene 2 7. Othello, the Moore of Venice Shakespeare homepage | Othello You can buy the Arden text of this play from the online bookstore: Othello (Arden Shakespeare: Third Series) Entire play in one page. Othello Act 2 Scene 1 6. Lee Jamieson. Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. By William Shakespeare. No Fear Shakespeare; Literature; Other Subjects ; Teacher; Blog; Search; Help; Search all of SparkNotes Search. After Othello says he trusts Iago (bad move), he tells&#... Act 3, Scene 1. Crime and Punishment Jane Eyre The Catcher in the Rye The Handmaid's Tale The Picture of Dorian Gray. Othello threatens Emilia to keep quiet, but Emilia is unafraid, saying "Though hast not half that power to do me harm / As I have to be hurt" (5.2.169–170). Connor, Greg, and Marisa are back with the last fatal scene in Othello: Desdemona's death! Cassio notes that actually that's Iago's job, but sure, he's willing to help out. … Sign in with Facebook Back to top. He promises he won't mar Desdemona's beautiful skin by cutting her up or anything—she'll be pretty in death. Search all of SparkNotes Search. Stick around until the very end for a groovy outro. Othello prepares to kill Desdemona, trying to convince himself that he is acting out of justice, not revenge. He's watching Desdemona sleep, and telling himself over and over again that he has to go through with this. Desdemona awakes and protests her innocence and her love for him. He tells her to pray because ‘I would not kill thy unprepared spirit’ and urges her to confess that she gave the handkerchief to Cassio. ‘That’s the reason,’ he said. She calls out that "The Moor hath killed my mistress" (5.2… Act 1, Scene 1: Venice. Need help with Act 3, scene 2 in William Shakespeare's Othello? Act 5, Scene 2. Need help with Act 4, scene 2 in William Shakespeare's Othello? He kisses her and she wakes up. He cannot resist kissing his sleeping wife, and almost changes his mind about killing her. Our summary works through Act 2 scene-by-scene to guide you through the complex plot that drives Shakespeare’s Othello. Literature Guides Poetry Guides Literary Terms Shakespeare Translations Sign In Sign Up. Literature Poetry Lit Terms Shakescleare Othello. Our Teacher Editions can help. Suggestions Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Theater Expert. William Shakespeare: Othello. Need help with Act 1, scene 2 in William Shakespeare's Othello? Holding a candle, Othello stands over the sleeping Desdemona and prepares to kill her. Iago has Roderigo poised and ready to pounce on Cassio, and kill him; if either of them is killed, it is to Iago's benefit, although he would like to have both of them disposed of, so that his devices might not be discovered.Roderigo and Cassio fight, and both are injured; Othello hears the scuffle, is pleased, and then leaves to finish off Desdemona. ‘For that reason, my love.

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